50 Years Of Legacy And

In House Fabrication With
State Of The Art Facility

Unrivalled Selection Of
Aesthetic Surface Options

Creating Masterpiece In
Every Home

A Cut Above The Rest

Always striving for perfection, we are committed in delivering uncompromising workmanship to create timeless aesthetic for all our client. We believed in constantly updating our product range to keep up with the latest interior trend to meet our ever demand market. We have decade of experience in both commercial and residential project. From material selection to fabrication to installation, our team will facilitate the entire process making your dream house a hassle free experience.

Custom made


We offer a range of best- quality Quartz and Stone surfaces that can fit into your ideal home aesthetic.



We have a well-equipped workspace with cutting and profiling stations to deliver exquisite quality products and services.



Our exclusive profiling stations are able to create custom edges for surfaces such as your vanity tops, countertops and other edges.

Custom made


Our group of experienced installers will ensure a smooth installation process that is hassle-free and quality-assured.

Featured Product

We are proud to present you our 5mm 0.7mm wear layer wood plank and large format floor atelier luxurious vinyl flooring(LVT).